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I first discovered SkinFusion while driving by it in January.  I had been considering getting treatment for my hyperpigmentation (I'm part asian, a problem for this ethnicity.) Made my appointment, met with Kim a week later.

Kim was so gracious and very knowledgeable. Immediately felt comfortable (as did my mom, who booked her series.) Kim recommended the LaserGenesis for me, explaining as my hyperpigmentation was probably due to hormones, a photofacial may bring it up more, thus making it look darker. (Hormonal pigmentation is deeper, vs. sun damage which is more superficial and easier to treat. Hope I am explaining this right.)

Treatment is soooo relaxing. A very soothing warming sensation, like getting toasty by a campfire. You almost shouldn't do anything the rest of the day, it's that deeply relaxing. :) By the second treatment I started to see results...friends started exclaiming. This treatment helps with redness, skin texture, etc. Basically, you don't need to wear much foundation if any afterwards. :)

My mom got the photofacials...boy were her results amazing! No more age spots for her whatsoever. She's a very unvain woman, but now she enjoys taking care of her skin, pampering it because of the results Kim gave her.

Skin Fusion also carries Obagi which is THE medically proven results line you should get, in my opinion, the only one. :) they have it all.

I plan to go back to get Titan (I'm a yo-yo dieter, has taken its toll around my jawline/neck). Also, laser therapy for the nice little roadmaps on my legs. Kim is so fair, genuine, and sweet there is no need to go anywhere else. I've visited places where you can see the money hungriness in their eyes (I work in the spa world and know their spiel.) But she's in it for the right reasons. :)

P.s. My mom is sticking with her too. :)

Joanie E.,