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A lady shouldn't kiss and tell, but I have hugged and wanted to kiss Kim at Skinfuzion because I have been helped a lot from the IPL treatment for sun damage and wrinkles. But before I could start I had to stop using sunless tanners, otherwise the IPL could damage my skin because its attracted to dark age spots, spider veins and dark hairs.  So if you don't use spray tanner or darken your skin with tanner creams then IPL has really been much more effective and safer way than the drama of using harsh topical retinol creams that seemed to dry out my skin and make it red and dry looking. Hard to find a balance between that and trying to use sunless tanners to blend my skin tone or use makeup every day.  I noticed an immediate improvement after my first IPL session and now the brown sun spots are fading out very nicely. Bonus since the  IPL also knocks out hair growth at the same time it helps prevent "lady whiskers" that come on as most woman age. It's feels like a rubber band around the nose but it also heals sun damage related pore size and red spider veins on my nose and cheeks, plus it even helps acne because it kills bacteria, Mainly it stimulates collagen so it helps slow the wrinkles down marching across your face. I've lived in Vegas for 15 years and used to use tanning beds that were supposed to be "healthier" for you. That was a bunch of crap. Even though I would cover my face, it still gave me brown splotches on my face that may have also been related to birth control use or a combo.  Anyways, I'm grateful that those are on the mend and you can't notice them at all anymore.

Carol S.,